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Join Salem Plumbing Supply on a trip to Sanoma, CA!   •   Oct. 14th-19th 2018

Join Salem Plumbing Supply on a cruise to Alaska!
June 2 - 9, 2017

  1. Invitation for participation in our Sonoma! promotion is at the discretion of Salem Plumbing Supply/Designer Bath and may be used only by principal members of the firm and their immediate family. Trip points may not be sold or transferred. This program has no cash value and, therefore cannot be redeemed for cash.
  2. Companies must remain in good credit standing throughout the qualifying period through trip reward.
  3. Purchases made during 2017 and a portion of 2018 are eligible for the program which runs from January 2017 through June 2018 for a total of 18 months.
  4. A total of 215,000 points (point total subject to change) are required for double occupancy
  5. 199,000 points (point total subject to change) are required for single occupancy
  6. A minimum of $50,000 in purchases during the promotion period is required for participation in the promotion. Buy-in costs for partial trips earned will be announced.
  7. Passengers are responsible for all additional guest charges not awarded as part of this program (i.e room upgrades, meals, alcoholic beverages, etc.) as well as any tax consequences which may arise from participation.
  8. Qualifying purchases are based on products only and do not include sales tax or delivery charges. Job quotes and special discount sales are excluded from participation.
  9. 9. All passenger reservations are due on July 9th, 2018. Once reservations are made by the customer, any cancellation or change in participants may result in costs that will be the responsibility of the customer.
  10. Trip promotion points will be awarded on a point per dollar basis for all qualifying purchases. In addition, full credit will be awarded for all business referred to The Designer Bath through our referral program.
  11. Trip promotion participants have the opportunity to enroll in a payment plan to purchase points on a monthly basis. These points will be charged to your account.
  12. In the event of higher than anticipated volume, Salem Plumbing Supply reserves the right to limit the number of passengers traveling on this trip.
  13. Salem Plumbing Supply is not responsible for any delays or cancellations due to unforseen circumstances beyond their control and reserves the right to alter travel date and change destinations should conditions require.